NPS NRP Final Project Report

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Dr. Donald P. Brutzman,  Dr. Edward Rockower, J. Michael Bailey, and Rebecca Law

Executive Summary and Final Report

Prepared for Naval Research Program (NRP), 28 November 2018

Project Summary

NPS has applied and integrated a wide range of open-source open-standards capabilities to support Navy and Marine Makers who are learning and applying 3D printing, also known as Additive Manufacturing (AM). Building on the work of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) 3D Print Exchange (, the X3D Model Exchange ( enables Navy and Marine Makers to learn how to find, share, produce, and print 3D models that impact the future of Navy and Marine operations. Whereas the NIH site is built using Drupal 7 with a “pipeline” for processing uploaded models, the Navy’s X3D Model Exchange is developed with the latest version of the Drupal 8 Content Management System (CMS). This public-facing portal leverages the highly evolved NPS version-control repository ( using best practices for agile developer operations (DevOps) to encourage broad partnerships and re-use. . Security requirements are met through account management and Common Access Card (CAC) authentication of users. Version control ensures that all changes and incremental improvements are trackable, repeatable and fixable (if ever needed). Access control for administrators, developers, makers and the public ensures that models remain uncorrupted and only available to the appropriate community of users. This project reports on follow-on continuation of the design phase performed by preceding Naval Research Program (NRP) project NPS-17-244-A.


  • 3D printing, additive manufacturing, community, digital thread, X3D graphics, Web3D

Master version-control files are available to Model Exchange developers at