Status: upload testing is in progress, please stand by. If you want to be a beta tester, please Contact Us.

Coming soon: select a community image to share your printable 3D model

Notice: we are currently accepting 3D models in any common format for preparation and publication on our gitlab.nps.edu server. 

Please Contact Us if you have a model of interest to contribute right now.  When fully connected, the following procedures will be available.

All contributions are UNCLASSIFIED open source with CAC-controlled user access to block hackers.

Future users: here is your pre-flight checklist!

  • Got Model? Have a good 3D model ready to go, saved using any format.
  • Access: is your 3D model be shared without restrictions, or is it For Official Use Only (FOUO)?
  • Naming: Model title, author information, and hash tags.
  • Ownership: must be legitimate open source and free for any use.
  • Description: tell the story: what does the model do, who might use it.
  • Details: plenty of metadata information so that Discover Search works well.
  • Confirmed Identity: Navy-Marine Makers need a CAC (test) to upload new models.
  • Anything else? drawings, plans, photos, videos, online links, etc. etc. etc.

What happens next. Uploaded user models are acknowledged, then further tested and prepared separately by partner developers in the Model Exchange Staging Area (MXSA) using NPS Gitlab version control. When ready, new model assets are placed back here in the Model Exchange and published, either for Makers or for the public. As we perfect model presentation and quality assurance (QA), each of these developer steps gets automated.

Make preparations to get under way! We thank all contributors for great efforts and feedback. Also thanks for your patience as we work together to build support for Navy and Marine Makers. Get ready, get set...