Community Engagement and Discussion Forums

Building a community is super valuable. This X3D Model Exchange portal is a community-driven resource for Navy and Marine Makers. We're hoping that people will like using discussion forums to share tips and tricks on 3D printing.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs) will soon improve mightily, we are considering how to best apply Drupal for easy additions and maintenance.

Discussion Forums for this portal are now operational. Developer partners are thinking about how we might best proceed... we are now organizing them further.

"Telling your story" and learning from others can really help. Additive manufacturing creates hands-on learning tools. There is lot for everyone to learn about 3D model printing.

Are you ready to share your questions and ideas with the community? We are all looking for tips and tricks on 3D printing, ideas for new models, potential new projects, partnership opportunities, and suggestions to help us improve the Model Exchange portal.

But wait there's more...

The more we can do together, the more we can accomplish together. Keep on making!