Partner developers are welcome to help build open-source Model Exchange capabilities together.

How It All Works

This project only uses open-standard content and open-source software to achieve full sharability, archival durability, and broad repeatability. Multiple integrated technologies include Ant, Blender, Drupal, Gitlab, HTML, Java, Javascript, PHP, Python, XML and X3D.

Reference Assets

Related Work

The X3D Model Exchange is only possible thanks to the efforts of Web3D Consortium participants building open standards for real-time 3D communication.  Long-term stability, interoperability with other formats, forwards/backwards compatibility, repeatability and archival durability continue to be emerge from these many efforts.

  • X3D Graphics Working Group crafts the X3D Specifications for the International Standards Organization (ISO) and coordinates technical development of future improvements.
  • Design Printing and Scanning Working Group demonstrates best practices for X3D support of Computer-Aided Design, 3D Printing, and 3D Scanning applications.
  • X3D Semantic Web Working Group is under consideration to enable intelligent 3D applications, feature-based 3D model querying, and reasoning over X3D models and scenes.


Makers, modelers, developers, and even future portals are welcome adapt these many open-source assets.

Please Contact Us if interested in collaboration or sponsorship of further research and development work.